Embracing Change
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Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Embracing Change


I seriously cannot believe 2018 is almost over! Looking back, it has been one hell of a year. Moving, home renovations, changing jobs, starting a business……the list goes on. But, when I think about everything that has occurred so far this year, it’s obvious that there is one common theme for this season of my life and that theme is CHANGE.

Embracing Change

For The Average Person, Embracing Change Is Scary

I was brainstorming recently, and a thought crossed my mind “How can you change your current situation if I do not try new things”? Think about it, if you go to the same job every day, and do the same work all the time, how will you learn a new skill?

How can you expect a different result when there is no change?

Why Embracing Change Is Important

A lot of times, we do not realize how easily we become creatures of habit. Most people take the same commute to work and home every day because they are unsure of what the results of taking a new route could be. Fear is one of the number one reasons people can miss out on their dreams. Stop thinking you will fail at something before you even try it.  Stop worrying about what others think of you!

Instead of letting fear hold you back, take the first step! Accept Change!

With Change Comes Isolation

As you start your new journey, the relationships around you can change. If you are worried about what people will think of your new idea or journey, do yourself a favor, and learn how to keep things private,

Don’t be afraid to isolate yourself if needed.

Wait Before You Post About It

Avoid posting a status about your new journey right away. Start the new journey and see where it goes before you let the world know. It’s so much easier to deal with fear and change by minimizing the added stress of society’s opinions.

Personally, I have started so many new journeys that I now embrace feeling uncomfortable because I know it is a part of the change. Once you experience the fun part of the change, you too will fall in love with the feeling of being uncomfortable.

What I have learned over the past few years is that we need to get out of our own way. We will never know what life can bring if we constantly worry about fear and failure.

Now that you know how to get past the fear, put your thoughts to work. Write your ideas down! Create vision boards! Do whatever it is that you need to do to get motivated. It is all about taking that first step. Stay persistent and see things through to the end. Have faith! You may be surprised by the outcome!

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